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Website Features

We can do whatever you have in mind. Our only limitation is our imagination, the services below are the most

common. If you need anything else, contact us.

Excellent Functionality

Your website will be user friendly and easy to use. You will also be able to customize your content easily.

Social Media Integration

Combine your amazing website with your social media to complete your professional profile on all platforms.

Modern Design

Stunning website design based on your interests. We only develop professional and relaxing websites.


We provide the best analytics for your website through Google Analytics and similar services so you can stay updated with your user's interactions 24/7

Online Services

Include your business services in your website so your users can easily use them from home.

Search Engine Optimization

Get your website show 1st in google's search results in no time.

And most importantly,

Get your website mobile compatible.

Also get a promotional,

Promote your new website with a video promotional like this.

Services we can
implement to your site: 
  • E-Shop - E-Commerce Web for 24/7 sales.

  • E-Booking - Let users book meetings, tickets etc. online.

  • Online Orders - Your hungry customers will be able to order from your menu directly from your website.

  • Blog - Start your professional blog.

  • Forum - Grow your community  and share knowledge.

  • Hotels - Specialized online systems for hotels.

  • Music - Stream & sell your audio online.

If you need anything that is not listed here, you can contact us with your special request.

Notebook and Keyboard
E-Shop Features

Below you will the most useful e-shop features we can provide.

Quick Navigation

User friendly e-shop navigation for the best user experience so you will never lose a customer.

User Friendly Admin Panel

Upload products with ease, no bugs and no lag issues in a user friendly environment so you can setup your e-shop without problems.

Effective Product Display

Show your products with an impressive display and attract new users everyday.

E-Banking Setup

We do all the complicated work for you. Do not worry about the linking process.

Highly Customizable 

Highly customizable settings and a big variety of product options for all your e-shop so all your customers find exactly what they are looking for.

Multiple Promotionals

Variety of options to boost your sales, for example: coupons, sales etc.

Graphic Design

We can do whatever you have in mind. Our only limitation is our imagination. Get some amazing graphics done for

your website and your business, affordably and easily. Just contact us.

Professional Graphics

Our graphics are always high quality and carefully made to deliver the best results. 

Modern & Clean

Modern and clean looks while looking complete and professional is our number one prioroty.

Based on Your Ideas

Your opinion and your ideas count. We will create your graphics based on them while maintaining our high standards.

Graphics we can
create for your business:
  • Logo - Professiona clean logo design.

  • Web Decorations - Make your website stand out with colorful illustrations, impressive art and clean graphics.

  • Business Cards - Professional and modern business cards to show your professionalism to your clients.

  • Promotional - Banners, advertisments, thumbnails, promotionals and more.

  • Icons - Supply your website with stunning icons to attract your visitor's attetion.

  • Illustrations - All kinds of illustrations based on your needs.

  • Merchandise - Expand your digital profile to your own custom clothing.

If you need anything that is not listed here, you can contact us with your special request.

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